SabQuiz Demo - How to Play

SabQuiz Demo

Thank you for choosing SabQuiz 😊

Here's the demo for practice quiz on SabQuiz app. Either you can watch video or scroll down for step by step guide.

Open SabQuiz

If you are motivated to play with SabQuiz then, open SabQuiz app in your device. The Home screen would look like following image. Here you can search subjects or choose from the list below.

Create Shelf

If you select any free quiz, a dialogue box would be open. Give any name to the self in which the quiz would be categorised under Quiz Library. Tap on create button.

Play Quiz

Go to your Quiz Library. Tap on the subject card on which you want to play the quiz. For example, let's tap on Aptitude card. After giving permission, the timer will start. You have to submit the answer before the timer stopped. The Quiz Library screen will look like the following image.

Get Answer

After appearing result dialogue, tap on the View Answer button and get correct answer of the quiz you have played.